Michigan Transfer Agreement

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was created in an effort to increase the transferability of core college courses between community colleges and four‐year colleges and universities.

Kettering University is a part of the MTA and works with transfer students from community colleges to ensure a smooth transition to Kettering's campus. Students using the MTA can transfer after earning an associate degree or by successfully completing core course requirements.

MTA Requirements

Students must successfully complete at least 30 credits at a Michigan community college in six defined areas with at least a grade of 2.0 (or C) in each course in order to be MTA satisfied. These areas are:

  • One course in English Composition
  • A second course in English Composition or one course in Communication
  • One course in Mathematics
  • Two courses in Social Sciences from different disciplines
  • Two courses in Humanities and Fine Arts from different disciplines
  • Two courses in Natural Sciences (one lab science required) from two disciplines