Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

The 2023-2024 Cost of Attendance for one academic year is $61,180. [estimated loan fees not included]

Only direct costs are billed by Kettering and will appear on your billing statement. Indirect costs vary based on each individual student and will not appear on your bill but are estimated average costs associated with going to college.

The Cost of Attendance does not reflect scholarships, grants, or loans that a student may receive. See our Affordability page for more information.

Direct Costs


Tuition $46,380
Residence Hall & Meal Plan $9,500
Total $55,880

Indirect Costs

Books and supplies $1,100
Transportation $3,000
Miscellaneous $1,200

Total Cost of Attendance

Estimated Student Loan Fees* $70
Estimated PLUS Loan Fees** $862

Total Cost of Attendance with Estimated Loan Fees


*Fees are assessed based on the student's loan period. FDL fees are $35/term or $70/year; PLUS fees are $431/term or $862/year.

**Only assessed to students whose parent(s) have applied, and been approved, for a Parent PLUS Loan.