A student learns about systems engineering in an industrial engineering lab.

Undergraduate Admissions

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We look for students who want to be an active part of innovation, are determined doers and go all-in on the concept of hands-on. Engineer Your Future and kick-start your success with Kettering University.

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If you apply before January 15, we will give you a decision by February 15.

Get Ready To Work

We know that Co-op is a big reason you will choose to attend Kettering University, but you probably are wondering how do you get a job, where will you work, what's expected of you. You will have a team of Co-op professionals who will assist you in writing a resume, interviewing and finding a job. You will be ready to work on Day One.


Academic standouts, international scholars and students who’ve demonstrated impressive talents outside the classroom will find a number of scholarship opportunities worth exploring. Apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for — there is no limit to the number you can receive.


The FAFSA is the most important tool available to you to help invest in the education that will give you flexibility and longevity in whatever career path you choose. The FAFSA is an application that the federal government uses to gather the financial information it needs to assess what loans and grants you qualify for.