Forever Bulldogs

As Bulldogs we have unbreakable bonds and strong connections. Whether you see yourself as a Bulldog, Tech'er, proud graduate of General Motors Institute or Kettering grad and whether you were a member of A, B, C or D section, we encourage you to share your hard won achievements.

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Come Back For A Visit

So much has changed on campus in the past 10 years. We hope you can plan a visit back to see all the familiar places and the exciting changes that have and are taking place. Just let the Alumni office know you would like a tour of campus including the new Learning Commons.


Share Your Experiences

Your time as a student and graduate of Kettering University or GMI are valuable experiences we encourage you to share with prospective and current students.

Alumni Volunteers

Our alumni know what it means to lead through service. Alumni volunteers share their time and experience by engaging with current and prospective students, supporting University events, and leaving a positive impact on the Kettering community.

Student Alumni Council

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) provides its members with public speaking opportunities, teamwork and leadership experiences as well as professional workshops that enhance leadership skills.

Alumni News Makers

Horsepower to Hyperloops Podcast

Listen to how alumni are making a difference in the world today.

Alumni Association

The purpose of the Kettering/GMI Alumni Association is to encourage and foster Alumni engagement to support the University’s growth as a global leader in cooperative education.

Join or Create a Network

Did you know that Kettering/GMI alums are networking regularly across the country?

Are you interested in joining or creating an alumni network in your area? If so, email the Office of Alumni Engagement at to learn more.

Current Kettering/GMI Alumni Networks are in the following areas: 

  • Arizona - Chair: Darlene Deane '88
  • Bay Area California - Chair: Mark Scalf '00
    • Connect with Bay Area Bulldogs on LinkedIn
  • Greater Boston - Chair: Ning Zhou '93
  • Chicagoland - Chair: Newell Bentley '02
  • Florida - Chair: Sandy Dietrich '87
  • Indy - Chair: Bruce Sing '79
  • North Carolina - Chair: Susan Richardson '85
  • SE Michigan - President: Joe Kibbe '66

Keep Up with Kettering

Anne Devine

Anne Devine '96, IE
In February 2023, Anne Devine was name President and CEO of Janus Electric. Janus Electric converts diesel class 8 trucks (up to 10 years old) to battery electric. 

Mark Foster '21 and Katarina Jonascu '22

Mark Foster '21 and Katarina Jonascu '22 were recently engaged. 

Featured Alumni

AAnna Reseighnna Reseigh ‘84 graduated from General Motors Institute with a degree in Industrial Administration. During her time at GMI, she was given the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, exposing her to many parts of business, as well as people of different management styles and backgrounds.

“Upon graduation, I was truly prepared to enter the workforce and be immediately productive, thanks to all the experiences I had during co-op,” she said.

Anna found the academics to be the most difficult part of her GMI experience. They were extremely challenging. She worked hard and felt overwhelmed at times. 

However, she “grew to appreciate [theacademics] because my experiences that followed all seemed to be easier -  future degrees, jobs, even parenthood.”

After leaving GMI, she worked for General Motors and other automotive suppliers within the quality field. At the same time, she began teaching college courses in the field of quality. She decided to transition to teaching, adding other course content including workforce development. About 10 years ago, she returned to the field of quality, but in healthcare instead of automotive.

“I love the challenge of improving processes as we do in the field of quality, and I love working with students to help them gain the knowledge for a successful career,” she said.

Her GMI education, both school and co-op, gave her the tools to be successful in healthcare even though it is very different from automotive. The knowledge from another industry has given her insight and vision into solutions for healthcare issues that others are not able to see.

 “The differences are too many to detail,” Anna said, “but how to work with people, how to improve processes, how to run a business, etc. is basically the same.”

Her advice for current students is “to find the jobs/assignments within your degree that you enjoy, because then you will always be excited about what you do. This may take multiple tries to find but keep looking. And over time, what you like to do may change. So go ahead and make a change—get a new job, new certification, new degree. Keep it fresh and exciting.”.

Also, “Having a wide network both within and outside your place of employment provides you with resources when you are trying to solve a problem, develop a new process, or anything you are trying to do,” she stated.

Looking to learn more about Anna Reseigh ‘84? Join in on the conversation and connect  with her in the NetworK community. You can find her profile here (INCLUDE LINK TO NETWORK PROFILE).

Bulldog Pride

Kettering University is among the top 31 universities and colleges nationwide with the best ROI according to Business Insider.


U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2022 rankings identifies Kettering University in the top 15 among more than 150 colleges in the Midwest.

Giving Back

Gifts of all amounts make an important difference for Kettering students.