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Welcome to Horsepower to Hyperloops, Kettering University’s official podcast, where the Kettering community from around the globe connects and shares groundbreaking ideas, noteworthy advancements and the latest developments in mobility, technology, medicine and many other fields.

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Kettering Global: Educating the World

Kettering University Vice President for Kettering Global Campus Dr. Christine Wallace and Dr. Janie Jacobs, Kettering Global’s Higher Education and Corporate Training Professional, discuss the vast array of programs, degrees, certificates and courses available to anyone, anywhere through Kettering Global. The Kettering Global Campus (KGC) brings the Kettering brand to the world with online courses and trainings that employ interactive and immersive technology in the classroom. KGC serves the educational needs of students seeking degrees in business, science, technology, engineering and math who choose not to seek a residential campus experience but demand the high-quality education Kettering University offers its students.

Kettering University Logo

What's in a name?

BULLDOG DIARIES: The story of how the General Motors Institute became Kettering University.

John Smith

In the Mix

Discussion with John Smith about his new book "Fin Tales," which recounts how he and his team rescued the sinking Cadillac brand in the late 1990s.

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