Proxy Access

Students can grant parents or authorized users access to view their student information in a secure, online environment. 

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords certain rights to students concerning the privacy of, and access to, their education records.  Proxy Access is a Banner Self Service solution provided by the University enabling students to give their parents, family members, or other relationships the student deems appropriate, access to view the student's Kettering educational and/or financial record. Proxy account access is exclusively managed by the student. Students have the right at any time to end a proxy’s access to their student information.

Optionally, students can set a passphrase authorizing the University to speak with the designated proxy on the student’s behalf. The University is not authorized to speak to a proxy until their student has provided their consent through Banner Student Self Service.

When can I use Proxy Access?

Students have privileges to identify and set-up their designated proxy once the student is admitted to the University.  New undergraduate students will have access once they have submitted their $300 Tuition Enrollment Deposit.

Once the student has created a proxy account, the proxy will receive an email with information on how to confirm their account and log into Banner Proxy Self Service

What is a Proxy Passphrase?

A student can assign a passphrase their proxy can use to identify themselves as a valid proxy to speak to the University on the student’s behalf.

When speaking to the University, a proxy must authenticate themselves as the student has identified:

  • Confirm their name and email as the student provided
  • Proxy must have valid authorization as designated by the student
  • Provide the proxy passphrase exactly as the student designated


If you have questions about Proxy Access, please contact the Registrar Office at or (810) 762-7476.

If you encounter technical errors, please contact the technology Help Desk at or (810) 237-8324.