Students discuss co-op opportunities at Factory One in Flint, Michigan.

Co-op / / Your Launchpad For Success

Fuel Your Ambition. Accelerate Your Future.

If you enjoy solving problems, learning new stuff and putting it to use then Co-op is for you. With the Kettering University Co-op education plan you are challenged in the classroom and then let loose to put your ideas and brains to work at a company.  And not just any company, but one that matches with what you want to do and your career aspirations.

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The Smarter Approach to Education

Let’s cut to the chase: if sitting in 90-minute lectures, four times a day, four years in a row is your idea of learning, Kettering University is probably not the place for you.

We’ve forgone the traditional college experience in favor of something far more effective and it’s called Kettering Co-op.

As a Co-op student, you will alternate between terms of academic classes and full-time professional employment. This opportunity allows you to learn course materials and also apply it!. The Co-op method leads to more durable retention of knowledge, not to mention incredible networking opportunities.

And let’s not forget about the money. By the time you graduate, you ‘ll have gained up to 2.5 years of professional work experience and earned up to $70,000. No bad for a student who hasn't even entered the full time workforce. And by the way, all students participate in the Co-op program.

Derek is an Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering major.


"My Co-op is focused on teaching me new things, not just busy work. I have done a great deal of design and am focused on getting better experience working with products and how their development comes along."

Derek K. '23
Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering Major

Kettering Co-op By The Numbers

2.5 Years

Kettering University provides you with an opportunity for up to 2.5 years of professional experience by graduation.


Average Co-op earnings over 4.5 years.


Students who gain real-world experience through Co-op.

3 Reasons Co-op Is Your Launchpad For Success

  1. Raise your earning potential: Most employers prefer candidates with practical work experience. Our Bachelor of Science graduates have the highest starting salaries in Michigan (

  2. Enhance your experience: Refine your skills, widen your network and gain valuable hands-on experience with successful companies before you graduate.

  3. #1 in the country for career prep: From developing your resume to honing your interview skills, you’ll receive personalized career prep support from your co-op manager (The Wall Street Journal).


A Lifetime of Success

Kettering graduates showcase the value of a Kettering degree. They are entrepreneurs who create world-changing technologies; high-powered executives who lead Fortune 500 companies and innovators who turn great ideas into even better products.

If you are wondering how a small university in the Midwest could yield more patent-producing graduates than brand-name institutions, it’s time you discovered Kettering University.


On average, Kettering University graduates see a 20-year return on investment of $781,000, according to's 2019 College ROI Report