Degree Works Transfer Equivalency Tool

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The Degree Works Transfer Equivalency tool provides prospective and admitted students with an accurate estimation of which college credits will transfer to Kettering University, including AP and IB credits. Kettering’s Degree Works contains a comprehensive database of all courses that have  previously been evaluated from other institutions and is the same tool used by the Registrar’s office to complete an official transcript evaluation once an admitted student submits their deposit.

If a course at your institution is not listed, it either has not previously been evaluated or it does not have an equivalent course at Kettering University. Contact our Associate Director of Transfer Admissions for more information.

General Education Courses

Kettering University requires few General Education courses. Of these, we require Advanced Humanities and Advanced Social Science courses, which are 300- and 400-level courses and are not available at a community college. Therefore, most General Education courses from a community college do not have direct course-for-course equivalents at Kettering.

However, Kettering University does accept the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), several other statewide general education articulation agreements, and associate degrees toward meeting most of Kettering’s general education requirements. Note that the Degree Works Transfer Equivalency tool will not reflect this in your results. Your report may indicate additional general education courses will need to be completed once you are at Kettering, but this will be clarified during your official transcript evaluation after you deposit.

  1. Gather your unofficial  transcripts for all college courses and AP/IB exams.
  2. Click on the Degree Works Transfer Equivalency link.
  3. It is recommended to create an account in order to save your work.
  4. Complete each section of the tool. If you do not know which concentration or minor you want, select “None.”
  5. Note that some universities may have an abbreviated name, such as “U of _______” in the drop down list.
  6. Add each course or AP/IB exam from each institution where you received credit. If you are currently taking classes or know which courses you plan to complete in the future, include those courses and record a “C” or better in the Degree Works tool.
  7. When you are done, it’s recommended that you save your results as a PDF for future reference.

For questions about the tool or to review your results, please schedule a call with Kettering University's Associate Director of Transfer Admissions.

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