Pikes fraternity members play cornhole during Rush Week activities.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life at Kettering University inspires academic excellence, community service, leadership and fellowship among classmates and peers. 

History of Fraternity and Sorority Life

The first fraternal organization was organized at Kettering in 1921. Five years later, the first officially recognized organization was formed with the founding of White Elephants in 1926, ushering in a new age of student life on campus.

The Greek Community has had a long and vibrant history on campus. Today, the Greek community is stronger than ever, with 13 fraternities and 3 sororities on A-section (summer and winter) and 12 fraternities and 3 sororities on B-section (spring and fall). The current Greek community accounts for more than 40 percent of the total student population at Kettering. The names may change, the colors may be different, but the values, life-lessons and friendships continue on campus.


Greek Life on campus propels students to leadership positions in their respective organizations and across campus. Some of the leadership opportunities available to members include:

  • Leadership development workshops and opportunities to practice and hone skills
  • Opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Professional networks to assist with career growth in co-op positions
  • Assistance from experienced national advisors trained to work with fraternities and sororities

Greek Life at Kettering helps students be the best version of themselves.

Community Service

Greek Life on campus bolsters a culture of community service in Flint. The fraternities and sororities on campus believe it's their moral imperative to give back to their communities by volunteering and raising funds for local and national charities. Below are examples of recent Greek efforts.

Contact Information

Coordinator of Fraternity/Sorority Life and Leadership
Alyssa Mohr 
(810) 762-9534