International Graduate Cost of Attendance

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

Graduate Tuition is *$998/per credit hour.

*Most graduate programs require 40 credits hours to complete.

Estimated Cost For The First Year

The estimated total cost includes tuition and fees, cost of living, health insurance, books, and miscellaneous expenses.

Direct Costs


Tuition $23,952
Residence Hall & Meal Plan  $8,001
Total $31,953

Indirect Costs

Books and supplies $1,000
Transportation $3,000
Miscellaneous* $3,100
Total $7,100

Total Cost of Attendance


*Includes Kettering University health insurance (required for international students).

Direct costs are costs that are billed by Kettering and appear on your billing statement. Indirect costs are the costs that we are required to include in your budget, but are not billed by the University; these costs do not appear on your billing statement.

An enrollment deposit of $300 is required and will be applied towards tuition payment. For more information on payments and deadlines please consult the Academic Catalog.