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As scientists, engineers and management leaders, Kettering graduates will use their talent to solve complex human problems.  Liberal Arts gives you the skills and knowledge to think critically and creatively about culture and society. The essential integration of Liberal Arts into your Kettering University education helps you develop a richer personal life, stronger preparation for active citizenship, and a capacity for life-long learning. And it can be the key to a successful career.


The Department of Liberal Arts is home to internationally-recognized faculty in philosophy, history, anthropology, literature, economics, political science, communication, sociology and other liberal arts.

Liberal Arts courses help students gain understanding of themselves, their cultural heritage and human societies.  By studying expressions of the imagination, philosophical and scientific ideas, and social, economic, and political behavior and change, the department’s program explores moral and ethical dimensions of humanity, the necessity of informed citizenship and social responsibilities of professionals.

All Kettering University undergraduate students are required to take five courses across communication, economics, humanities and the social sciences as well as three electives courses.

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In partnership with other departments in the College of Sciences and Liberal Arts, the Department of Liberal Arts offers a course in environmental studies (GREEN).

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