Admission to Kettering University is a selective process based on traditional academic criteria. Our admission process is a personal one.  We are interested in learning about your interests, talents and career goals!

Before You Apply

Admission Requirements


The initial phase in the admission process is an evaluation by Kettering of the candidate's application. Primary consideration is given to the applicant's overall grade point average and overall number of credit hours taken. A typical student should:

  • has at least a 3.0 GPA
  • take 14 to 16 credit hours per semester of coursework similar to what is taken by a Kettering University student
  • has taken at least pre-calculus
  • has taken 1 year of lab science courses

Candidates who have not pursued full-time collegiate study and/or followed a program of studies that does not include extensive study of math and science will be evaluated individually.

We strongly recommend the equivalent of the following Kettering University courses. 

  • MTA (Michigan Transfer Agreement) following the STEM pathway


  • MATH101 Calculus I (Differential Calculus)
  • MATH102 Calculus II (Integral Calculus)
  • CHEM135 Principles of Chemistry (including lab)
  • CHEM145 Introductory Organic Chemistry (including lab)
  • PHYS114 Physics I: Newtonian Mechanics (including lab)
  • PHYS224 Physics II: Electromagnetism (including lab)
    (physics must be calculus based for engineering credit)
  • SSCI201 Introduction to Social Science
  • COMM101 Written & Oral Communication I (Composition and speech)
  • ECON201 Economics (Micro or Macro)
  • HUMN201 Introduction to Humanities
    History, Literature, Philosophy; etc. (must be taken at the 300 level or higher)

Courses taken for transfer credit must have a grade of C or better. To see what courses are equivalent to these Kettering courses, check out our Course Equivalency System.

Dates and Deadlines

Merit and Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available to Transfer students. 

January TermJanuary 7
April TermJanuary 7
July TermMay 15
October TermAugust 15

You can begin at Kettering University at the start of any of the four terms.

January TermJanuary 7
April TermApril 1
July TermJuly 15
October TermOctober 1

After Applying

  • Send us official high school and college transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities
  • Send your ACT or SAT scores (if you have completed less than 24 credit hours at another college or university)
  • Provide a list of courses in progress


Laura Izquierdo, Class of 2021 and a transfer student to Kettering University

Laura Izquierdo ‘21 decided to merge her passions for art and science when she started at Kettering University. |Read Story >

Contact John Waldo, Transfer Admissions Counselor, by calling (810) 762-9938 or email