English as a Second Language Program


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the English as a Second Language Program (ESLP) at Kettering University. As a student of Kettering’s ESLP, you will benefit from English instruction and cultural immersion in our STEM-focused campus community. We are committed to your development of effective oral and written communication skills in a supportive environment.


As a student in this program, you benefit from:

  • Small class sizes
  • Significant personal interaction with faculty
  • STEM-focused environment
  • Extracurricular programs
  • Immersion in Kettering University’s rich campus life
  • Cross-cultural interaction and discussion
  • TESOL Trained Instructors
  • On-Campus Housing
  • Language Partners

There are 4 levels: 

ESL 96 Intermediate 1

ESL 97 Intermediate 2 

ESL 98 Advanced 1 

ESL 99 Advanced 2 

Each level consists of 20 class hours per week and the length of the term is 10 weeks.

To apply, please submit the following documents two months before your intended start date:

Step One

Step Two

  • Scan and send the following documents to eslp@kettering.edu 

    • Your high school (or university) transcripts with English translation
    • A copy of your valid passport
    • Evidence of financial responsibility (Affidavit of Financial Support
    • Evidence of at least two years of high school English or equivalent

Please note:

  • English proficiency test scores are not required for admission, but we encourage you to send them and can be used as evidence of at least two years of high school English.
  • Admitted ESLP students will only take ESLP courses.
  • ESLP courses do not count for academic credit.
  • Admitted ESLP students will need to pay a $200 deposit that will be used towards tuition.

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The week before classes begin, there is orientation and a placement test. The placement test includes the following parts:

  1. 50-minute Listening and Reading Test. You can practice at https://www.efset.org/.
  2. 10-minute Spoken Interview
  3. 35-minute Timed Writing Test

Your instructors will use your results from the placement test to assign you to the appropriate level for your abilities. See the course catalog and table below for reference.

 Level CEFR Placement Rating
 ESL 099 Advanced 2 B2
 ESL 098 Advanced 1 B1+
 ESL 097 Intermediate 2 B1
 ESL 096 Intermediate 1 A2

CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.

After receiving your placement level, you will be able to pay for tuition, books, housing, and insurance. 

See payment information below.

Tuition & Other Items


ESL Tuition


ESL Books and TOEFL Test


Room and Meal Plan (Thompson Hall)


Kettering Health Insurance*




*Subject to change.

The English as a Second Language Program uses Kettering’s Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

Program Dates for ESLP


Class Start Date

Class End Date

Summer 2020 

July 13

September 26

Fall 2020

October 5

December 19

Winter 2021

January 11

March 27

Spring 2021

April 5

June 19

Sample Weekly Schedule








































The flags of the various countries of our international students hang in the Campus Center's Great Court.

Hear what our students say…

Shuang (Jennifer), 2017 ESL and Conditionally Admitted MBA student

Going to Kettering University's ESL classes was one of the greatest experiences in my life. I studied English for six months and my instructors taught me a lot and have impacted my life because they believe in my ability to become a great student. I would recommend to anyone to develop your English skills at Kettering University's ESLP.

能够去凯特林的ESL学习英语,我觉得是我人生中最宝贵的经历之一。我学习英语技能6个月,我的老师教会我很多并且一直相信我会成为一名很好的学生,这已激励我更好的学习研究生课程。 我极力的推荐您们到凯特林的ESLP学习英语。

Qunqun (Scott), 2016 Technical English Student

The ESL class not only improved my English skills a lot, but also gave me a chance to learn more about American culture. The class always takes the student’s need as its first priority, so I can learn what I need, not just what I should.




Phong, 2018 Summer Program Participant from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education

The ESL & Robotics program is a great opportunity to meet, exchange, and learn from friends from many different cultures and educational backgrounds around the world. As a result, I had many ideas for my graduation thesis after the program and made new friends.

The ESL & Robotics program là cơ hội rất tốt để gặp gỡ, trao đổi và học hỏi từ những người bạn đến từ nhiều nền văn hóa và giáo dục khác nhau trên thế giới. Tôi đã có nhiều ý tưởng cho đồ án tốt nghiệp của mình sau chuyến đi cũng như có thêm được những người bạn mới.

Hyeonseok, 2020 Winter Program Participant from Ajou University

This program is very useful if you are interested in robots! There are two types of classes: robot-related English classes and robot-making classes. In addition, we had time to visit other universities, art galleries, and museums in the United States. After completing the program, you will find yourself with an improved knowledge of English and robotics.

이 프로그램은 로봇에 관심이 많은 분이면 아주 유용한 프로그램입니다! 로봇관련 영어 수업과 로봇제작 수업 2종류로 이루어져있고 이 외의 시간에는 미국의 학교, 미술관, 박물관 등을 방문하는 시간이 있습니다.이 프로그램은 현지 학생들과의 교류가 아주 활발해 미국의 생활을 간접적으로 경험할 수 있습니다. 프로그램을 마친 후에는 능숙한 영어과 로봇관련 지식이 넓혀진 자신을 볼 수 있습니다.



If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: eslp@kettering.edu

From the Higher Learning Commission

Kettering University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission at the Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist’s, and Doctor’s degree-granting levels and has been accredited since 1969. The Commission’s accreditation includes all courses offered by the institution at its campus and all other instructional facilities , including its English as a Second Language (ESL) program. 

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