Student Testimonials

Lauryn Tithoff, a student in the School of Management

Lauryn Tithof

The School of Management has provided me with opportunities to network with industry professionals that I will be able to continue to reach out to throughout my academic and professional careers

Lexia Bahm, a student in the School of Management

Lexie Bahm

The School of Management at Kettering University has given me so many amazing experiences that I would not have had at a larger university. The School of Management has really redefined itself to create new interests for students, while focusing on fundamentals. For example, going into college I had no idea I would have an interest for some Industrial Engineering concepts and practices; however, the School of Management gives me the opportunity to explore those courses through the Technology Concentration.

Tyler Bourassa, a student in the School of Management

Tyler Bourassa

I have been a student in the School of Management for over two years now, and I can tell you that no other school can prepare you for a successful career the way that Kettering can. The School of Management’s grueling curriculum combined with Kettering’s co-op experience prepares the future leaders with the confidence and experience needed to handle any challenge they will face throughout their careers. If you want to be the next great leader of tomorrow, then Kettering University is the place to be.

Brooklyn Crowder, a student in the School of Management

Brooklyn Crowder

Kettering University’s School of Management has helped build me into an emerging industry leader. I have always had high ambitions and needed a program that allowed me to push myself. The standard of education Kettering provides alongside gaining knowledge within the field is something not every college can provide and sets myself apart among others my age. Kettering’s business program attains this with co-ops, friendly competition, and a drive to improve current offerings. This small-knit community has allowed me to participate, be seen, and succeed in whatever I put my mind to. There is always room for improvement if students are willing to dedicate the time and effort into becoming a young professional with the backing of a Kettering education and real world experience.

Alicia Brown, a student in the School of Management

Alicia Brown

The School of Management has taught me how to make well-informed decisions from a perspective that considers companies as a whole.

Hemanth Tadepalli, a student in the School of Management

Hemanth Tadepalli

The School Of Management has prepared people to lead any industry. Being a Computer Science student interested in Cybersecurity, the School of management is preparing me to be a leader in the Information Technology and Risk-Management sector.

Rana Fanous is a student in the School of Management

Rana Fanous

What brings me excitement with the School of Management at Kettering University has been the knowledge and experience that I have gained and will continue to gain. The clubs that are offered, like DECA, have helped me strengthen and create new skills that I can utilize in my future career in the business field. Also what brings me excitement is how SOM has given me and many students various opportunities to be involved and build new relationships and connections.

Joel Fershtman is a student in the School of Management

Joel Fershtman

I am a Senior 3 majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in business.  I have gained extensive knowledge about the varying subjects of business through the amazing School of Management professors and their informational courses at Kettering University.

Crystal Smalligan is a student in the School of Management

Crystal Smalligan

The School of Management has offered me opportunities to learn from industry professionals, connect with a variety of intelligent students, and gain experience in my fields of interest. I have grown greatly since coming to Kettering's SoM, and am excited to see what it continues to teach me!

Azharuddin Mohammed

As an international Graduate student at Kettering University, enrolled in the School of Management, I feel confident about choosing Kettering University. The School of Management creates a student-friendly atmosphere. With experience in different fields, the teaching staff is responsive, attentive and passionate about the subject. The School of Management engages students in various publicly held university competitions and has many clubs and organizations which makes it easy for students to collaborate and grow their professional network. Kettering also provides a sufficient amount of Financial Aid and scholarships especially for graduate students with opportunities for graduate research assistantships. The Office of International (OIP) is a dedicated department to support the international students with on-ground support such as bi-weekly Walmart trips.