FIRST Robotics Summer Camps

The FIRST Robotics Community Center is the place to be all year round.

In the summer, students in grades 1-12 can design, build and program robots.

In the fall, FIRST teams can attend workshops to prepare for the season.

One Day Camps

Grades 1-3Grades 4-6Grades 7-8Grades 9-12
LEGO We Do Mechanical Objects 1.2

June 21

Rocket STOMPJune 22
LEGO We Do Mechanical Objects 2.0July 13
LEGO Dance & ParadeJune 19
LEGO Mission to Space

June 20, June 25, July 13

LEGO Mission to Space - Advanced

June 27, July 20

FIRST Android JAVA ProgrammingJune 24
FIRST Machine Certification - Beginning/IntermediateJune 24
FIRST Machine Certification - Intermediate/AdvancedJune 26

Day and Residential Camps (Grades 7-12)

FIRST Tech Challenge Unknown Game Challenge (Day)July 22-26 (Grades 7-8)
Team Camp (Day and Residential)July 15-19 (Grades 9-12)
FRC Leadership (Residential)July 22-26 (Grades 9-10)
Rocket to the Moon (Day and Residential

July 29-August 2 (Grades 9-12)

August 5-9 (Grades 9-12)

FIRST Autonomous Programming (Day and Residential)August 12-16 (Grades 9-12)