STEM Olympiad challenges high school students to solve algebra and geometry problems for the chance at a scholarship.

STEM Olympiad

How do professionals in STEM industries use math to tackle tough problems in the real world? We challenge you to find the solutions yourself at Kettering’s STEM Olympiad. High school-age participants compete using algebra and geometry; creativity and diligence; pencil and paper.

The 2021 STEM Olympiad season has ended. Information regarding the 2022 season will be posted within the upcoming months. Please check back for more details. 

STEM Olympiad Award Winners

First Name Last Initial Award Amount
Benjamin A. Full Tuition Scholarship Winner
Joseph  F. $5,000
Connor C. $5,000
Levi A. $5,000
Kayla W. $5,000
Michael P. $5,000
Benjamin H. $5,000
Jacob  G. $5,000
Joseph R. $5,000
Eli  R. $2,500
Eoin W. $2,500
Ania P. $2,500
Daniel  T. $2,500
Hope  V. $2,500
Sean M. $2,500
Sachin  K. $2,500