Co-op At Kettering Is Different

You are considering Kettering because you learn best by doing. Kettering allows you to prove it in a professional setting beginning with your freshman year. Our approach to cooperative education is unique. At Kettering you will rotate between terms of rigorous, hands-on academics and deep, professional co-op experiences - and you will do this for your entire time at the University.

When you graduate, you will have earned a degree from one of the nation’s finest universities and you will also have 2.5 years of meaningful professional experience. That’s one of the reasons why Kettering is ranked year after year as one of the very best universities in the country for return on investment and career preparation. It is also why there is no better place for you to prepare yourself for a successful and satisfying career than Kettering.

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No Better Way

Since 1919, other universities have attempted to catch up to a concept Kettering University perfected a century ago.

There is no better way to train engineers, scientists, and business leaders than Kettering’s unique program that combines rigorous academics on campus with meaningful professional experience in alternating co-op terms throughout your undergraduate education. Students at Kettering gain an edge over their peers at other universities through employment with one of our more than 500 co-op partner organizations. These organizations range from start-up companies to nonprofit organizations to some of the largest corporations in the world.

Our founders realized that it was of vital importance for college graduates to be grounded in the theoretical concepts that could only be learned in the classroom, but also have immediate experience applying those concepts in real world settings through the co-op program. You wouldn’t train a musician without ever letting them play an instrument, so why should engineers, scientists, or business leaders be educated without ever working in the field to apply what they learn?

Graduate with 2.5 years of professional experience. 

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Co-op at Kettering University puts students ahead of the game