Experiential Education

Cooperative education, also known as co-op or experiential education, is taken to a higher level at Kettering University. Students alternate between academic terms of classes taught by respected faculty and academic terms of full-time professional employment at highly regarded corporate partners.

Kettering University's integrated cooperative education program recognizes that there is as much to learn in a workplace as in a lecture hall. Everything earns academic credit. Every aspect of a student’s experiences – successes and failures, class experience, and on-the-job training – is an educational opportunity.

Majoring In Experience

Co-op Employment Fairs

Kettering hosts employment fairs per year giving you access to more than 100 employer partners.

Questions? Contact ederrick@kettering.edu or call (810) 762-9846.

During his last co-op term at Kettering, Sam Daleo '17 was working on software architecture at Tesla in California.

Kettering University student learns many life, professional lessons during co-op at Tesla

Sam Daleo ‘17 took the opportunity while at Kettering University to reach high goals and learn all he could from his co-op experience. During his last co-op term at Kettering, Daleo was working on software architecture at Tesla in California.

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Major In Experience

Kettering University requires some form of experiential education as part of every degree program. Cooperative education can begin as early as freshman year. Student schedules typically alternate between academic terms of classes and labs and full-time employment at a partner organization. Often, the student is employed with the same organization throughout the program.

Experiential education and learning program goals

  • Develop a strong and positive correlation between a student’s academic program at the school and the educational experience with the employer
  • Provide educational experiences that orient and integrate the student into a productive professional role at the employer organization
  • Develop positive work-related habits and characteristics in a student

Topping It Off

The Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) represents a Kettering University student’s tangible proof of growth, knowledge, understanding, and mastery of applicable, real-world skills necessary for success. The CUE is the ultimate example of integrated experiential education and learning, combining faculty-led guidance, class and lab work, hands-on working experience, and a focused study topic.