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Admission Requirements

Required High School Coursework

  • 2 years of Algebra
  • 1 year of Geometry
  • 1 semester of Trigonometry or equivalent
  • 2 years of Lab Science, one must be Chemistry or Physics
  • 3 years of English

Recommended Coursework

  • Calculus or Pre-Calculus recommended (if available)
  • Computers
  • Foreign Language
  • CAD and/or Drafting

Applicants for freshman admission are required to submit official test scores from either ACT or SAT. Scores should be sent to Kettering University from the testing agency.

Test Score Ranges (ranges represent the scores for the middle 50% of admitted students)

ACT Scores (Kettering's Code: 1998)

    • English 22 — 26
    • Math 25 - 30
    • Composite 24 — 28

SAT Scores (Kettering's Code: 1246)

    • Critical Reading 530 — 630
    • Math 590 — 680

Kettering does not have a fixed formula for admission, however, we do seek students who exhibit a strong record of achievement. We calculate a separate GPA for math, science and English coursework. 

We realize that some students' records do not reflect their true abilities, so please get in touch with us at 800-955-4464 ext. 7865 if you would like to discuss your application with one of our admissions counselors.

Non-Traditional Students

Homeschool Students

Kettering University welcomes applications from homeschooled students. The same application and eligibility requirements apply. Students should submit official transcripts of grades, signed and certified by their home school instructor. Transcripts should clearly list the grade levels (9-12), course names, and the grade earned for each course. Students who have taken any courses in a formal high school or college/university setting are required to submit official transcripts from those schools as well.

Transfer Students

Students transferring to Kettering from another university should be taking 14 to 16 credits per semester of coursework similar to what is being taken by a Kettering University student. Some students may need to complete recommended science and math courses before transferring to assure proper academic preparation for Kettering. We may request to view your high school grades and ACT or SAT scores as well. For more details on applying see our Transfer Student information page.

International Students

International students should visit the International Applicants page for application information, deadlines and requirements.

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