This is a remarkable new facility. It has been incredible to see the change.”

Dr. Robert McMahan, president of Kettering University, Charles F. Kettering III, chairman of the Kettering University Board of Trustees, and Cameron Oskoian, Kettering Student Government B-section president, presided over the event.

“This is a remarkable new facility,” Oskoian said. “It has been incredible to see the change.”

Renovation of the 7,000 square foot space created a more open environment that includes collaborative space and whiteboards, television monitors, comfortable seating, technology upgrades and gaming tables. The facility also offers a new on-campus dining option. Food, including pizza, burgers, soft drinks and more, is available from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., with meal exchange for dinner available from 6-8 p.m. B.J. Bucks, Kettering Cash and other major forms of payment are accepted.

The facility was funded in part by KSG A and B sections, which each contributed $25,000 from the Constance John Millennial Fund, to the project. The Kettering University Board of Trustees also contributed to the project.

McMahan thanked numerous members of the University’s facilities and food services staff, as well as Student Life and many others who helped plan  the renovations, which began in January 2013, a reality.

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“This is an amazing new space for our students to be comfortable around the clock,” McMahan said, noting that he’s already discovered students studying and making use of the technology and space during late night and early morning hours. “This was truly a labor of love from dozens of people.”

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