Dan Nowaczyk, who has just been named Director of Esports at Kettering University, wearing Kettering University Esports jersey stands in front of a computer gaming setup.

Students to come here knowing they’re getting a fantastic education while also being able to compete in something they are incredibly passionate about.”

Coach Dan Nowaczyk, Director of Esports

Kettering University Names Longtime Coach Dan Nowaczyk Director of Esports

Kettering University is proud to announce the appointment of Coach Dan Nowaczyk as Director of Esports. Nowaczyk’s appointment comes after five years of leadership and dedication, during which he has been instrumental in expanding the program's scope and impact. This move illustrates the University's commitment to the growing Esports program.

Leveling up from its early days when it included three game titles and 20 participants, the Esports program has rapidly grown under Nowaczyk's skillful leadership. It now hosts six major game titles and nearly 100 players. His style emphasizes succeeding competitively and creating educational and community engagement opportunities. “The growth of everything is 1,000% a team effort,” Nowaczyk said. “It’s a ‘we’ or ‘us’ thing for sure, not just with myself and our Esports athletes, but working with academic departments, University events, admissions, financial aid, and everyone else on campus.”

Under Nowaczyk's leadership, the program has introduced Esports scholarships and summer camps, boosting the team’s student enrollment and engagement. “Esports scholarships have helped grow the organization; they have allowed students to come here knowing they’re getting a fantastic education while also being able to compete in something they are incredibly passionate about,” Nowaczyk explained.

Nowaczyk’s commitment extends beyond Kettering’s campus; his work includes community partnerships and mentorship programs, notably in local high schools and with the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village. “The Esports summer camp we run has shown prospective students what working in a collegiate environment is like,” he said, highlighting the program's role in educating future generations about the potential of Esports participation in college.

Miranda Martin ’25 (Computer Science) joined the Esports team as a freshman and currently plays “Overwatch 2.”  “Coach Dan has been an absolutely amazing influence on my development as an Esports player, a leader, and as a student in general at Kettering,” Martin said. “He has taught me the importance of different teaching styles with different personality types, how to encourage others, and how to cultivate a healthy team environment.”

Nowaczyk has expanded the Esports program to include community partnerships and mentoring for high school students, significantly elevating the culture within Kettering's Esports community. “Student acknowledgment and respect for Esports has steadily grown within Kettering itself,” Martin said. “Coach Dan has been integral in the program. Honestly, joining the team is one of the best decisions I have made at Kettering.”

Looking to the future, Nowaczyk is enthusiastic about further enhancing Kettering’s Esports landscape. “We will be more involved with the K-12 Esports scene this next year,” he said. “We’re excited for our 24-hour ExtraLife event in November to raise money for Hurley Children’s Hospital. If we hit our donation goal, I’ll get a tattoo designed by the kids at the hospital.”

Nowaczyk's new position as Director of Esports at Kettering University is not just a role; it's a commitment to his vision and the collaborative efforts of the Kettering community. His leadership inspires a culture of excellence, inclusion, and growth, ensuring Kettering remains at the forefront of the collegiate Esports movement.