Kettering Students Build a Robot in 3 Days

On Saturday, Jan. 4, Kettering University and the FIRST Robotics Community Center hosted 61 high school teams for the 2020 season kickoff, where the new game “Infinite Recharge” was revealed all across the world. For 2020, FIRST is partnering with Disney and Lucas Films, so the “Infinite Recharge” Game is "Star Wars" themed. Approximately 550 people were in the International Room for the new game reveal.

FIRST RoboticsAfter two opening seminars, the new game was introduced by FIRST at 11:15 a.m. using a streaming broadcast. Following the broadcast, all 61 teams headed to the FIRST Center to pick up their new “Kit of Parts” furnished from FIRST (all teams get the same “Kit of Parts” to start, which makes up approximately 35 percent of the actual parts needed to build the robot). The team now have about two months to design, program and build a competitive robot to compete in district competitions. Eight teams will be building out of the FIRST Robotics Community Center this year.

Kettering students from both A & B Section (also FIRST alumni) started designing and building the “Infinite Recharge” robot on Saturday, Jan. 4, as part of the "Robot in 3-days" competition immediately following the new game reveal. The goal is to design, program, build and test a robot by Monday night, Jan. 6 to enter into competition at Ferris State University on Sunday, Feb. 2. Last year, Kettering hosted the first competition of this kind.