Formula for success

May 27, 2004

The Kettering Formula SAE racing team placed 26th out of 124 at the Pontiac Silverdome.

The Kettering Formula SAE team finished 26th out of a field of 124 at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) student design series competition for Formula racecars May 19-23 at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Mich.

Starting from the ground up, the team "took what was good from last year and made it better," said Donald Rowe, team leader, of the car. Rowe, one of four drivers, drove for the Skidpad and Acceleration portions of the competition in Pontiac.

Major features of the team's 2004 vehicle included a 20 lb. overall weight reduction and overall length reduction of 4 inches on a narrower frame. In addition, they were able to machine in-house the aluminum differential housing and carrier, and refine the carbon fiber intake, seat and nose cone. A new design improvement on the rear uprights and an engine that developed 75 bhp at 13,000 RPM's were also featured.  

New innovations on the design this year resulted in an overall better fit and finish, improved handling, and "in frame" top mounted steering rack, side mounted radiator with induction housing and fan for better cooling and a dash mounted zip-tie for emergency use.

Major sponsors and underwriters for the 2004 team were: MTD - Tools, CNC Mill, Lathe, Tig Welder, Sheet Metal Brake & Shear AAM (American Axle Manufacturer) UPS Edward W. Duffy & Co. Kettering University.


The team hopes to raise enough money to compete in the Formula Australasia competition in December 2004. "We need about $25,000 to take the vehicle and the team to Australia," said Patrick Gallagher, team member.

 2004 Kettering Formula SAE Team Members: Dr. Craig Hoff - Faculty Advisor
Seth Lerner - Rochester, NY
David Rising - Tacoma, WA
Pat Gallagher - Rochester Hills, MI
Andrew Nabb - Cambridge, MD
Robert Hamman-Mt. Sterling, OH
Joe Adkins - Slyvania, OH
Matt Giles - Barker, NY - Chief Engineer
Grant Hutchens - Omaha, NE
Andy Bejcek - Midland, MI
Donald Rowe - Newtown, CT - Team Leader
Tony Do - Franklin, WI
Brian Trilli
Phil Mallinger - Columbus, OH

Information provided by Seth Lerner
Written by Dawn Hibbard
(810) 762-9865