Dart Foundation donation will enhance educational and research opportunities at Kettering University

Kettering’s academic focus on engineering, science and mathematics closely aligns with our mission.”

The Dart Foundation has awarded Kettering University $177,000 to purchase plastics equipment to enhance educational and research opportunities for faculty and students on campus.

The grant will spur the acquisition of a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA), thermomechanical analyzer (TMA) and a rheometer system. This equipment will be used to develop new courses and student research experience that complement modern industry demands.

“We are pleased to support Kettering and their efforts to enhance their plastics program and related coursework,” said Emily Matthews, Dart Foundation Manager.“Kettering’s academic focus on engineering, science and mathematics closely aligns with our mission.  Students have a growing interest in the plastics field and it’s essential for educational institutions like Kettering to expand educational opportunities with facilities containing the latest in equipment and technology.”

The new equipment will lead to the development of new undergraduate and graduate program offerings related to plastics and materials engineering. Kettering currently has 120 students in co-op placements related to plastics.

“With the addition of this equipment, our students will have enhanced laboratory and research opportunities on campus,” said Dr. Stacy Seeley, Department Head of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Program Director of Chemical Engineering; and Professor of Biochemistry. “Expanding course offerings will complement our co-op program which will allow our students to walk into any workplace with a strong technical background and hands-on experience in plastics.”

Additionally, the equipment will be utilized by the Kettering University chapter of the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE). In 2016, eleven Kettering students were awarded scholarships from the Detroit Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers which was more than any other college in Michigan. The award from The Dart Foundation will continue to develop and expand the plastics foundation on the campus of Kettering University.