Associate Professor of Physics

Ph.D. from Brigham Young University in Physics and Musical Acoustics, with expertise in underwater acoustics, African instruments and acoustic resonators, brass instruments, noise and vibration.

Dedicated to excellence in teaching, Ludwigsen is currently developing two new Acoustics courses and a course in methods of computer use in Physics. He is also the principal investigator for a National Science Foundation grant to Kettering to redesign the Physics I laboratory to include new teaching methodology and crash safety study.

Recognizing that a great deal of discovery in Physics comes from playing with toys, trying to see how things work and "getting inside the black boxes," he enjoys Kettering students' willingness to join in the pursuit of figuring out why toys, and the world more generally, behave the way they do.

Ludwigsen finds that the kind of learning that really "sticks" comes from active learning, so he asks his students to take responsibility for their education. "Learning deeply and effectively is, in the long run, worth the time and effort," he said.

Acoustics of musical instruments, Hearing, psychoacoustics and localization Acoustic measurements, transducers, and metrics, Helmholtz resonators, Structural and architectural acoustics

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