Lean Product and Process Development

Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) has been described as the second Toyota paradox. The first paradox was the Toyota Production System that revolutionized Lean Manufacturing. LPPD was the second paradox that demonstrated Toyota could introduce award-winning products in half the time with fewer resources. Originally expanded to the automotive industry, LPPD is now applied in appliances, robotics, medical devices, aviation, earthmoving, hospitals, and a growing number of industries where leading companies are applying Lean Systems.

The LPPD Certificate is for working professionals in Lean Enterprises, who need applied education in Lean Product and Process Development. The LPPD Certificate is an educational program and Kettering transcript credential. Unlike innovation seminars, short courses, MOOCs, or online education, this is a university certificate program that is delivered in a learner-paced, application-oriented, faculty-engaged learning environment.

The courses include Technology Management, Project Management and Lean Operations Management.

Benefits to students include:
  • Career Advancement credentials to demonstrate capabilities for greater responsibilities and opportunities
  • Application Experiences that focus course knowledge content on practice of course principles, preferably with applications in the student’s work domain
  • Live Events to complement on-demand instruction with experiences to engage learners with peers, faculty, and subject matter experts
  • Ease of Use as implemented in a clearly structured learning management system structured from learning module to content topic to short course to full course to certificate completion
  • Faculty Engagement with daily monitoring of student progress, feedback, assessment, and mentoring support
Benefits to employers include:
  • Skill Leveling to elevate employee knowledge to an enterprise-wide understanding and practice of Lean Product and Process Development
  • Cost Effectiveness with all instructional development and program operations delivered by Kettering University with no overhead or maintenance expenses to the employer
  • Subject Matter Expertise available on-demand from instructors with decades of work and teaching experience in the topics of the program
  • Instruction Flexibility to accommodate changing demands of employee assignments
Why Kettering?
  • Kettering is one of few educational opportunities in LPPD worldwide, and provides a college transcript credential delivered by subject matter experts with deep experience in lean product and process development.