Autonomous vehicles detecting objects along the road.

Autonomous Driving and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


Dr. Jungme Park

The Autonomous Driving and Artificial Intelligence (ADAI) Laboratory is dedicated to develop innovative solutions for Smart Mobility by using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies. The current researches focus on finding solutions for environmental perception using deep learning techniques with various sensor inputs. Research topics include:

  • Traffic Light Detection System
  • Intelligent Pothole Detection
  • Camera Based Stop Sign & Stop Line Detection
  • RADAR/ Camera/Lidar Sensor Fusion
  • Driver Monitoring System
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence to Combustion Engines
  • Localization and Mapping
  • Deep Neural Networks

The lab is equipped with automotive sensors (Camera, Lidar, Radar, CAN device) and software for autonomous driving application development. The ADAI research team is vastly interdisciplinary including students from electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering.