Do you want to redirect your career to become a leader steering the latest advancements in EV technology?

Kettering has created a master’s program that will prepare you to do just that and more. 

Electric Vehicles

Step Into the New Era of the Automotive Industry with Kettering's Master of Engineering in Electric Vehicles Program.

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Once a seemingly distant possibility, electric vehicles are becoming the new foundation of the automotive industry and the framework for other mobility technologies. Allied Market Research analysts project the global electric bicycles market alone to reach nearly $119 million by 2030 and expect growth in electric motorcycle and scooter segments, as well.

For engineers, inventors and innovators interested in these emerging technologies, the future is bright. If you want to design and develop new vehicles or advance existing capabilities, electric vehicle training at the master’s level can give you a leading edge on the job market. Hands-on, intensive and immersive, Kettering’s Master of Engineering in Electric Vehicles positions you for immediate growth in your field.

Master of Engineering in Electric Vehicles Features and Objectives

In the M.S. in EV engineering program, you’ll receive extensive electric vehicle training that you can apply right away to your career. You’ll take 30 credit hours in mobility systems fundamentals, automotive controls and signal processing, management and technical courses in vehicle electrification, and apply what you’ve learned hands-on. Here’s what else to expect in Kettering’s electrical automotive engineering master’s program:

A master's in engineering program designed for the working professional

Take evening courses to accommodate your work schedule and learn concepts applicable to your industry. Coursework incorporates key skills identified directly by industry leaders, best practices and forward-thinking initiatives.

A hands-on, "get-it-done" graduate degree in electric automotive engineering

Take project-based electric vehicle engineering courses that focus on real-world, on-the-job scenarios. While this program is not thesis-based, you’ll complete research or hands-on projects in many of your courses in vehicle and motor design, battery and fuel cell development, vector control of AC electric machines and more. 

Preparation for leadership and career advancement

Learn project management and leadership skills that help you advance into senior roles. The automotive engineering master’s program in electric vehicles requires two graduate-level courses in practical technology and project management. In the courses, you’ll learn about technology cycle evaluation, development process management, agile project management and more.

Available on the Troy campus and in China (through Beacon)

If you live in the United States, you can attend courses in Troy, Michigan, the heart of the design and manufacturing sector. Students in China can enroll in this program through Beacon Education and attend online.

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Why Choose Kettering for Graduate-Level Vehicle Training?

At Kettering, you’ll receive a cutting-edge education from a leading STEM university. The M.S. in Engineering for Electric Vehicles is one of our latest solutions for helping practicing engineers meet this growing industry’s demands. Here are just a few qualities that set Kettering apart from other electric vehicle engineering programs:

  • State-of-the-art facilities. Apply what you’ve learned in one of our 12 advanced labs, which include the Artificial Intelligence Lab, Crash Safety Center, Mobility Research Center and more.
  • Active, respected faculty. Take electric vehicle engineering courses from distinguished and widely published researchers. Our faculty have experience in the classroom, the lab and the field to ensure you gain a well-rounded practical and theoretical perspective.
  • A proud history. Study at an institution that has over 100 years of experience preparing engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs for success in their industry.

Electric Vehicle Engineering Curriculum and Course Highlights

In the electrical automotive engineering master’s program, you’ll cover concepts from multiple disciplines of engineering and computer science. Our electric vehicle engineering courses are geared toward practicing engineers.

Some of our graduate-level electric vehicle engineering courses include:

  • Energy Storage Sys w/ EV App
  • Power Electronics for Vehicle Electrification
  • Introduction to Vector Control of AC Electric Machines
  • Introduction to Electrified Vehicle Propulsion

View the full curriculum for the electric automotive engineering master’s program.

What Can You Do With a Master of Engineering in Electric Vehicles Degree?

A master’s in engineering electric vehicles degree not only prepares you to design, develop and test technologies for electric cars — you’ll also learn skills applicable to other vehicles, components and specializations within the industry. Emerging electric vehicle types include:

  • Aircraft
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction vehicles
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Military vehicles

Students who complete electric vehicle engineering programs at the graduate level can go on to hold positions such as:

  • Lead Electric Engineer, Vehicle Development
  • Senior Electric Vehicle Customer Integration Engineer
  • Senior Energy Engineer
  • Senior Vehicle Requirements Development Engineer
  • Software Engineer for Electric Vehicles

Financial Aid for the Electric Vehicle Engineering Master's Program

Kettering aims to keep our programs accessible and provide an excellent return on investment. The electric vehicle engineering program is designed for working professionals, meaning you won’t have to take extended time off to earn your degree. If you need financial assistance for the Master of Engineering in Electric Vehicles program, view the following resources for more information:

Additionally, your employer may offer financial assistance for graduate study, and Kettering may be able to bill your employer directly. Learn more about employer assistance.

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Master Electric Vehicle Engineering. Advance Your Future.

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