A student demonstrates how industrial engineers study physical signals occurring in the human arm during work movements.

Human Interfaces & Ergonomics Laboratory


Dr. Justin Young
Associate Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
(810) 762-7951

The Human Interfaces & Ergonomics Laboratory conducts multidisciplinary research projects with the goal of optimizing physical and virtual systems for increased human performance and improved operator safety and productivity.  The lab is equipped with several tools that can be used to evaluate human/system interactions, including:

  • precision optical motion tracking systems
  • wireless surface electromyography (sEMG)
  • custom force assessment fixtures, strain gauges, and load cells
  • eye tracking systems
  • traditional, touchscreen, and virtual reality displays
  • ergonomic field test kits

The laboratory uses these resources to design and execute human subject experiments and usability evaluations.  Some examples of recent projects include optimizing touchless gestural interfaces, modeling human wrist strength in extreme postures, and end-user evaluation of automotive passive entry systems.