High voltage lab circuit

High Voltage Lab


Dr. Huseyin Hiziroglu
Professor of Electrical Engineering
(810) 762-7962 

The High Voltage Lab allows faculty and students to conduct research in the area of dielectric materials at different physical states. Students design, conduct and test different types of high-voltage generators and circuits in order to enhance the understanding of dielectric phenomena, the electronic conduction and swarm, partial discharges and breakdown are studied in high-vacuum (10-8 torr), gaseous, liquid, solid, and nano-dielectrics. Students receive hands-on experience by observing partial discharges and breakdowns in gaseous, liquid, and solid insulating materials. The laboratory is equipped with components capable of performing standard and non-standard insulation tests for high-voltage equipment used in industry, such as switchgear, transformers, insulators, and cables up to a test voltage of 250 kV with alternating voltages, direct voltages, or impulse voltages of various wave-shapes.