Crash test dummy being prepped

Crash Safety Center

The Kettering University Crash Safety Center, which opened in 2005, offers facilities for mobility occupant protection testing in frontal, side and rear impact. Crash safety systems including vehicle interiors, airbags, seatbelts and child restraint systems can be assessed utilizing an array of anthropomorphic test devices, high speed video cameras, and instrumentation. While custom test apparatuses can be developed, the core testing is completed using the pneumatic deceleration sled with a capacity of a 2,000-pound payload up to 42 miles per hour and reach peak decelerations above 70 Gs.

The Center supports:

  • Educating undergraduate, graduate and practicing engineers
  • Research, consulting and testing for government and industry
  • Awareness and education for the community, including seminars on installing child seats and K-12 enrichment