Instruments used in the advanced microscopy lab.

Advanced Microscopy Laboratory


Ronald Kumon, Ph.D., Lab Director and Associate Professor of Physics

The mission of the Kettering University Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy is to provide high-quality microscopic imaging down to submicron length scales. Our laboratory is ideal for users who want to obtain high-resolution images of cells, surfaces, and other objects.  The laboratory is available for use by Kettering students, faculty, and staff as well as external users for microscopy research and teaching. 

  • The centerpiece of the lab is a Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E inverted optical microscope with a C2+ confocal laser scanning unit and Andor iXon Life 897 EMCCD camera. This microscope can perform brightfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), and fluorescence imaging of specimens including 3D fluorescence imaging (Z-stacks). Its stage is fully computer-controlled allowing for repeatable scanning over multiple regions or regions larger than the regular field of view. The EMCCD camera is also useful for rapid imaging (30+ fps) or static imaging of specimens with very weak fluorescence. 
  • The lab also features several other microscopes that can be used for true color brightfield imaging, phase contrast, and fluorescence imaging. These instruments include two Olympus BX-50 upright microscopes (including one with a dual-binocular setup for simultaneous use by two users) and a Nikon Eclipse TS100-F inverted microscope.

Support for the lab has been provided by the National Science Foundation Grant 1828246 and Kettering University.