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Welcome to Horsepower to Hyperloops, Kettering University’s official podcast, where the Kettering community from around the globe connects and shares groundbreaking ideas, noteworthy advancements and the latest developments in mobility, technology, medicine and many other fields.

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Horsepower to Hyperloops is Kettering University's official podcast.

The Circular Economy

Jamie Zinser ('99, ME), Vice President of Global Automotive Sales and Marketing at Novelis, discusses sustainability and the infinite recyclability of aluminum.

Math Equations

The Garden in the Machine: The role of Liberal Studies inside Kettering's STEM education program

Dr. Babak Elahi, head of Kettering University's Liberal Studies Department, discusses the role liberal studies plays in STEM education and the path all Kettering students take through his department.

Graduation Cap

The Secret Sauce: Kettering's Innovative BorgWarner Scholars Program 

Hear how the new BorgWarner Scholars Program at Kettering could not only broaden minority access to STEM education, but supercharge Kettering’s entire cooperative model with coverage of all student needs for five years and a dynamic mentoring process.

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The President's Sketchpad

In the President’s Sketchpad, you can hear President Dr. Robert K. McMahan share insight and ideas relevant to the past, present and future of Kettering.

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