Do you want to work in medicine?

Whether you dream to become a doctor or work in a related discipline, the Pre-Med Course of Study will prepare you for a career in the health sciences.

You will get a well-rounded science education in preparation for medical, professional or graduate school.

The Pre-Med Course of Study is built around common medical school prerequisites: one-half year of biochemistry and one year each of chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, college math and liberal studies. Students pursuing any Bachelor degree at Kettering University can include the course of study.

While most medical schools do not typically require other prerequisite courses, we recommend taking other specific courses to help prepare students who plan on taking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). These include Biochemistry II (CHEM-451), Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL-341), and a psychology course. Students are also encouraged to participate in Kettering's Health-focused Education and Learning (K-HEAL) course cluster for additional health-focused courses throughout the curriculum.

The Premedical Education Course of Study will not appear on the transcript.

Why Kettering?

  • You'll be prepared to take the MCAT
  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of chemical properties and interactions—and get a chance to perform experiments with instrumentation not seen by most undergraduates.
  • Our faculty are doing research in theoretical physical chemistry, protein biochemistry, biophysics, chemical carcinogenesis and tumor promotion, polymer chemistry, medicinal organic chemistry and synthetic chemistry