Are you considering a career in law?

In our Pre-Law minor program, you will take a minimum of 16 credit hours, choosing from the disciplines of history, philosophy, literature, sociology and communication.

The objectives of the minor are for you to develop:

  • an understanding of international institutions and issues, of world events and of the increasing interdependence of the nations and communities of the world;
  • an understanding of the development of political thought and of political and legal systems;
  • an understanding of human behavior and social interaction with particular emphasis on understanding diverse cultures within and beyond the U.S.; and
  • an understanding of effective and ineffective practices in human communication

All of this give you the opportunity to hone your skills as a lawyer and to learn how you can turn them into high-demand jobs in virtually any field.

Why Kettering?

  • You want to combine your passion for the law with technology and/or the automotive industry.
  • Faculty study topics like value theory, ethics, environmental philosophy and aesthetics.