Applied and Computational Mathematics

Are you more interested in mathematics and how it applies to science and engineering, as opposed to just working with numbers?

In our Applied and Computational Mathematics minor program, you will study classical and modern mathematical topics focused on the scientific and engineering disciplines.

The program requires a total of 32 credit hours in the areas of calculus, differential equations, numerical methods and matrices, probability and statistics, abstract algebra, modeling and analysis.

A federal jobs forecast from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates growth at multiple times the national average for actuaries (18 percent), mathematicians and statisticians (33 percent), and operations research analysts (25 percent) with median salaries up to $108,350.

Why Kettering?

  • You want more to use your math skills in an engineering or scientific setting.
  • In our Computer Mathematics Lab, you’ll design a better roller coaster, analyze predator-prey systems, and calculate the best path of descent for an airplane.
  • Faculty are researching topics include numerical analysis, high performance computing, probability distributions in reliability and risk, Gaussian processes and fields, mathematical biology and neuroscience.