Are you fascinated by how things sound?

In our Acoustics minor program, you will learn how to turn your interest in the art and science of sound into a career.

You will study vibration, acoustics and signal processing. Your coursework will include Vibration, Sound and Light, Acoustics in the Human Environment, Acoustic Testing and Modeling and one of three electives among different aspects of time signals systems.

Along the way, you will discover the breadth of career opportunities in fields you may not have associated with acoustics and sound, such as architecture, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas industries and automotive.

Students in this concentration receive a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

Why Kettering?

  • You want more to learn the art and science of acoustics.
  • Our faculty are doing research in computational materials science, biomedical ultrasound, structural vibration, musical acoustics, photonics, semiconductors and nanoparticles.