Mechatronic Systems

Would  you prefer an interdisciplinary approach to studying engineering that includes mechanical, computer and electrical engineering?

The Mechatronic Systems Concentration may help fill your need.

The focus is on topics that intersect the traditional fields of electrical/computer and mechanical engineering, along with applications to robotics and modern industrial systems. You will earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in this concentration program.

In addition to general education and foundational courses, you will get to take courses in electronics, signal processing and dynamic systems. You will also choose from electives related to robotics, autonomous mobility, manufacturing and other related applications.

Why Kettering?

  • You want diverse and valuable experience across multiple engineering disciplines.
  • Classroom instruction is backed by hands-on application in well-equipped laboratory facilities including Applied Control Systems, Manufacturing Materials and Processes, Methods Analysis and Simulation Modeling.
  • Our faculty conduct research in Applied optimization, Energy aware production systems, Energy management, Operations management, Solid waste management, Statistical data analysis, Production/Logistics Systems and Alternative Energy Infrastructure Modeling/Simulation.