Machine Design & Advanced Materials

Does your design interest span everything from jeans to jet engines?

Our Machine Design & Advanced Materials Concentration may be just what you are looking for.

In this specialty, you will study the design of engineering components, subsystems and systems that utilize metallic or non-metallic materials which will lead to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Courses include Mechanics & Design Simulation of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials and Rapid Prototyping.

Engineering design can involve conceptual design of a new device or modification of an existing device to meet new customer requirements or to correct an operating problem. With this kind of experience, designers often rise to leadership positions, where they direct teams of draftspersons, motion and stress analysts or manufacturing process engineers.

The demand for Industrial engineers - median salary of more than $88,000 - is forecast to be higher than average for the coming decade, predicts the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why Kettering?

  • You want specific skills and experience designing and refining NEXT Gen materials.
  • As a Mechanical Engineering student you be in labs like e-Design and e-Manufacturing Studio, Energy Systems Lab, Crash Safety Center, Advanced Engine Research Lab, DENSO International Dynamic Systems Design Studio and The Center for Fuel Cell Systems and Powertrain.
  • Faculty are researching Energy Systems, Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Computational Biomechanics, Automobile body structure design and crash analysis, Tire Mechanics, Noise, Vibration, Water collection and filtration technologies in the developing world, and Mechatronics.