Original thinkers.
Visionary engineers.
Problem solvers.
Bold leaders.

These are the attributes of “Kettering Built” students and alumni. Throughout history fortune has favored the bold. It is in that spirit that Kettering is embarking upon a strategic initiative to reimagine our university in many ways — including building a new, state-of-the-art Learning Commons.

Please join us in learning more as we move Boldly Forward.

Boldly Forward

The Capital Campaign for Kettering will enable us to continue to be the university that industry turns to for its best and brightest employees. It represents nothing less than the future of our university. We invite you to help us continue the exceptional legacy of our founders, our distinguished faculty both past and present, and our proud alumni. We have a powerful and compelling vision for our future, but none of it will be possible without the generous support of people like you.


Kettering University has raised more than $142 million toward an overall goal of $150 million for the Boldly Forward campaign.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is essential to the future of the University. The Boldly Forward campaign will help to make it a reality.







Providing the Spark That Can Change the World.

It takes a certain kind of student to embrace Kettering’s uniquely rigorous and demanding curriculum that operates more like a professional school than a typical undergraduate institution.

The student life experience is important to admissions growth, student success, retention, and engagement with alumni. Building social connections requires highly visible, flexible, and engaging spaces that support collaboration and communities.

Professor Ron Kumon teaches physics.

Inspiring New Generations of Kettering Students.

The University is as strong as its faculty, and endowed professorships and chairs create a strong incentive in the recruitment and retention of the best faculty in the world.
 world-renowned faculty increases the academic reputation of the University. They attract the most
academically minded students to campus, advance research and innovation, and promote collaboration.

The Capital Campaign for Kettering will enable us to continue to be the university that industry turns to for its best and brightest employees.

Anticipating The Needs Of The Next Generation

In keeping with our 100-year tradition of forward-thinking leadership, we have developed programs focused on pre-college outreach to encourage more women, minorities and others who demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for the sciences, mathematics, business and technology

Academically Interested Minds (AIM)

This nationally recognized five-week summer program encourages students of color to consider a STEM education.. It combines college level classes with corporate visits and field trips, preparing students to meet the rigorous academic challenges of STEM education.

Lives Improve Through Engineering & Science

Lives Improve Through Engineering & Science (LITES) Program - This two-week, residential, pre-college program introduces 36 outstanding young women, who are entering their senior year of high school, to degree programs and career opportunities in STEM fields, particularly bio-engineering.

Your Gift of Any Size
Moves Kettering Boldly Forward

Kettering University delivers an education that couples theory and practice better than any institution in the world.

Kettering University delivers an education that couples theory and practice better than any institution in the world.


Scholarship program

A healthy scholarship program is a game-changer for the nearly 90% of Kettering students who are eligible for federal aid or scholarships.


World-Renowned Faculty

Endowed professorships and chairs allow the University to reward the most deserving faculty members. They offer tangible proof of a university’s commitment to its staff, students, academic standards and research endeavors, and help attract students desiring to work in research.

The Learning Commons construction in January 2021

Construction Is Progressing

Designed by globally renowned architectural firm Stantec, the open-concept, natural light Learning Commons is part of the University’s Boldly Forward strategic initiative campaign – the largest in Kettering’s history. The building project is being facilitated by Clark Construction of Lansing, Mich., and multiple Flint- community contractors and is expected to be completed by Spring 2022.