Staff Lecturer

Kent S. Eddy, lecturer of Mechanical Engineering
B.S.M.E and E.I.T. from Saginaw Valley State University, with expertise in CAD and HVAC.

Eddy finds Kettering students to be intelligent and possessing potential. Kettering students are distinguished by an above-average maturity academically, emotionally and socially. Eddy enjoys encouraging students to set and attain their life goals. He says he was initially attracted to teaching at Kettering because he "wanted to be an encouragement and example to students" while advancing his own education.

For any quiz handed in, Eddy gives a minimum of two points out of 10 as long as the student's name and the correct section number are filled in on the top of the quiz, reserving "zeroes" for students who don't show up for class. He says he has given only a single one-point quiz where the student failed to fill out the information on the top completely; and the section number was correct. Somehow the student had written down the wrong first name. The student was as befuddled as Eddy as to why the error had occurred.

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not teaching or learning, Eddy home schools his children, hunts and enjoys horticulture.

1700 University Ave
2-115 MC