Test Results for On-Campus Water

Hydration Stations

Academic Building

  • Tunnel entrance
  • FIRST Robotics Community Center
  • Outside main 1st floor restrooms
  • IME, N South hallway, 1st floor
  • IME EW hallway, 1st floor
  • East hallway, 2nd floor
  • Outside room 2-225, 2nd floor
  • ECE north hallway, 2nd floor
  • ECE south hallway, 2nd floor
  • Outside Library entrance
  • Inside Library
  • CETL office
  • North EW hallway, 3rd floor
  • Fourth floor main entrance
  • North north/south hallway, 4th floor

Campus Center

  • B.J.'s Lounge (2)
  • Great Court
  • Sunset Room
  • One each on 3rd, 4th and 5th floors

Thompson Hall

  • E south hallway, 1st floor
  • North hallway, 1st floor
  • W south hallway, 1st floor
  • E south hallway, 2nd floor
  • Lobby, 2nd floor
  • North hallway, 2nd floor
  • W south hallway, 2nd floor
  • E south hallway, 3rd floor
  • North hallway, 3rd floor
  • W south hallway, 3rd floor
  • E south hallway, 4th floor
  • North hallway, 4th floor
  • W south hallway, 4th floor

Recreation Center

  • 1st floor, Restrooms
  • North side court no. 3
  • 1st floor, Weight room
  • 2nd floor, Lobby
  • 3rd floor, Fitness room


Student Questions

  • Office of Student Life: (810) 762-9871

Technical Questions 

Volunteer Opportunities