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Average co-op earnings over 4 years


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Average yearly co-op earnings 

Undergraduate Fixed Rate Tuition

Kettering University offers a fixed-tuition guarantee for all undergraduate students,  the first Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) university in Michigan and one of only a handful in the nation to offer the cost-saving guarantee. Kettering has also eliminated all academically related fees in its all-inclusive tuition package (see terms and conditions below).
In taking this step, Kettering joins a very small and prestigious group of forward thinking colleges and universities that are intentionally helping families better plan and prepare for college expenses. "Fixing" tuition takes away the guesswork involved in college costs.

The Kettering fixed-tuition plan means that college costs for the entire program are predictable, instead of getting a year-by-year peek at the increasing costs of higher education. 

This means, simply put, if you make normal progress towards your degree, your tuition will not change during your course of studies. For current undergraduate students, the fixed rate applies for full-time study in each remaining term to graduation. For new students enrolling in 2019-2020, the fixed rate will apply for up to 10 academic terms of full-time study.

Undergraduate Fixed-Tuition Guarantee Plan - Terms and Conditions

  • The fixed-rate tuition policy is for 10 successive academic terms.
  • Students must remain in good standing and be studying full-time to keep their fixed-tuition guarantee.
  • Students who exceed 22 credits are charged the overload rate based on their entering fixed-tuition rate.
  • If a student withdraws at any time, he/she is subject to adhere to the University’s refund schedule. If the student is readmitted to the University he/she will be subject to the tuition rate that is equivalent to the fixed-tuition rate paid by the entering class students at the time of re-admittance.
  • If a student does not graduate by the end of the 10th term, he/she will be subject to the tuition rate that is equivalent to the fixed-tuition rate paid by entering class students at that time.
  •  Transfer students will receive a fixed-tuition rate schedule prorated for successive academic terms based on their academic standing when they enroll.
  • Students can request one additional term to complete their thesis term beyond the 10 term fixed-tuition rate. If the thesis is not completed by the end of this 11th term, a charge equal to four credit hours at the fixed-tuition rate of the current entering class will be assessed.
  • Room and Board and other business related fees are not included in the plan and are subject to change.

2019-2020 Undergraduate Tuition

Below is the tuition and fees in effect at Kettering University during the 2019-20 school year, which runs from July 2019 through June 2020. To view rates in effect during the 2018-19 school year, see the respective catalogs -Undergraduate or Graduate.



Full-time, 15-22 credit hours, per term
Entering Class 2019 -20$22,190
Part-time, less than 15 credit hours, or Overload, in excess of 22 credits hours, per credit hour
Entering Class 2019-20$1,480

Room & Board

Room Rate
Entering Class 2019-20, per term$2,550
Board Rate
Meal plan, per term$1,650

If you have any questions concerning Fixed Rate Tuition with No Fees, please contact Admissions at (810) 762-7865 or email admissions@kettering.edu

*The University requires students to submit proof of health insurance each academic year, or to purchase Kettering’s Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan.

All charges for the current term are due the beginning of each academic term. Please visit KU•ePay for information on a variety of online payment options including payment in full or monthly budget payments over 2 to 6 months for undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Online Payment

KU-ePay is Kettering University’s online billing and payment service, which provides the ability to view and pay the student account bill online, 24 hours/day, seven days a week. 

KU•ePay >

Employer Assistance

Many employers provide financial assistance for graduate study. Programs differ, so interested students should contact the appropriate office at their place of employment. Depending on company policy, Kettering University may be able to bill the employer directly for tuition. Students whose tuition is to be billed to their employers must submit complete and proper authorization to Kettering University Student Accounts Office. Any portion of tuition that will not be paid by the employer must be paid by the student. Kettering University will hold the student responsible for payments not received from the employer.

Veterans and Military Duty


Forms, information and reporting services are handled in the Registrar's Office. Veterans are registered as an Independent Student using the following guidelines:

  • Eligible veterans residing outside the State of Michigan seeking to receive benefits for educational purposes are registered as Independent students. Tapes and class materials are mailed to their home address, and exams are sent to a Kettering University-approved proctor -- which is acquired by the student.
  • Eligible veterans inside the State of Michigan are processed as regular graduates and assigned to certified learning centers.

Military Call To Duty

The Kettering University Graduate Program is very proud of those who serve in the military. We appreciate the sacrifices that you and your family make to keep the United States safe and free. Students may withdraw from the University and receive a 100% tuition refund upon presenting to the Registrar the original Armed Forces orders. Non-punitive grades of W (Withdrawn) will be issued. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs, so please contact us to help.

Should the call come during eighth week or later, in the judgment of the professor and the student, an Incomplete (I) may be given with no reimbursement of tuition. Coursework would then be completed per arrangements agreed upon between the professor and the student.