Study Abroad

Kettering’s Study Abroad Program prepares students for global leadership. Employers recognize that applicants who have studied, worked or  traveled abroad are more likely to possess the qualities in demand in the global economy - personal growth, courage to take risks, imagination, adaptability and confidence.

Kettering University students visit a German village during their study abroad program.

Study Abroad Opportunities

German Universities

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

  • Mechanical Engineering - Spring and Fall terms

Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences

  • Computer Science - Fall term

Konstanz University of Applied Sciences

  • Mechanical Engineering - Spring term

Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences

  • Biochemistry - Fall term
  • Business - Fall term
  • Chemical Engineering - Fall term
  • Computer Engineering - Fall term
  • Computer Science - Fall term
  • Electrical Engineering - Fall term
  • Industrial Engineering - Fall term

Ulm University of Applied Sciences

  • Computer Engineering - Spring term
  • Computer Science - Spring term
  • Electrical Engineering - Spring term
  • Mechanical Engineering - Fall term

Kettering University students enjoy touring sights during their study abroad programs.


Classes in all Kettering Study Abroad programs are taught in English. Students applying for the program must be in good academic standing and have completed the pre-requisites for the courses they plan on taking while abroad. Specific grade-point-average and pre-requisite information varies by department. 

Course work taken through the program is fully applicable for the student’s degree program up to 16 credit hours. Students normally take three courses in their major field and one social science class. Credit transfers back to Kettering University as long as the student earns a grade of 3.7 or higher on the German grading scale. Other requirements differ by country.

Kettering University students enjoy canoeing during their study abroad program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in a Kettering study abroad term maintain their regular full-time enrollment status at Kettering and the associated domestic tuition. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Students receive a $1,500 stipend for their study abroad term. This stipend is intended to help offset costs for round-trip air travel, Euro rail pass, etc.

The Oswald International Student Fellows Program provides need- and merit-based financial grants for travel and living expenses for Kettering students involved in the international exchange program. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis for the spring and fall exchange programs each academic year. In general, consideration is given to the financial needs of students, the student’s academic record, the student’s plan for the expenditure of the grant, and the country to be visited. Each spring and fall, students will be selected as Oswald International Student Fellows and will receive travel grants in addition to the Kettering travel stipend provided to study abroad students.