Humanities Art Center

The Humanities Art Center and Gallery features multiple world-class exhibits and collections that exemplify the craftsmanship of local and national artists every year. A variety of media are represented including paintings, photographs, sculpture, and ceramics. The center also holds a permanent collection of over 500 pieces.


The Create It: Nature Sculptural Arts exhibition at the Humanities Art Center focuses on the natural environment and the dynamic ways Kettering students portray two/three dimensional works of art.

Humanities Art Center presents: Create It: Nature Sculptural Arts

This creative exhibition focuses on the natural environment and the dynamic ways Kettering students portray two/three dimensional works of art using STEAM concepts.  Our distinguished judge was Megan McAdow, Director of Collections and Education at the Ruth Mott Foundation and remarks were made by Dr. Laura Vosejpka, Dean of the College of Sciences and Liberal Arts.


The Art of Poetry exhibition features more than 40 poems by Kettering students.

The Art of Poetry

This poetic exhibition features more than 40 poems by Kettering students. Each poem was enlarged and is displayed on the walls of the art center and features observations on subjects such as life, love and nature. This is a very special exhibition that illustrates the inner world and thought process of our Kettering students.  | View highlights from the collection

Water, Land and Sky by Carolyn Damstra is the current exhibit at Kettering University's Humanities Art Center

Water, Land and Sky by Carolyn Damstra

Carolyn Damstra is an artist obsessed with exploring the possibilities of how paint and brush intermingle with the distilled memories of her experiences in nature. She conveys the positive, natural energies of the world and inspires emotions of beauty and joy. Her artwork is indulgent, unapologetic and embraces the pleasures of visual beauty we are immersed in on this planet. | View highlights from the collection

Identity and Image: Art of the African Diaspora from the Mott-Warsh Collection is a past exhibit at Kettering University's Humanities Art Center

Identity and Image: Art of the African Diaspora from the Mott-Warsh Collection 

The exhibition featured artists of African heritage working in varied media and stylistic approaches, these internationally renowned artists examine issues of racial and cultural identity, history, and social and political concerns. | View highlights from the exhibit 

Cool Clay by Guy Adamec

Cool Clay by Guy Adamec

“My view on making ‘art’ over the years has slowly evolved into something that is finally becoming clear," Adamec said. "As an emerging artist, one is frequently told that fame and fortune is the goal; showing in reputable galleries, shows in big cities, knowing all the right people and dealers. Now, although I hold nothing against successful galleries and dealers, and still use them, I find that the ‘fame and fortune’ part to be the least important factor. Rather, time alone in the studio when ones intuition is in control; that is the moment that we (artists) live for. If one masters his craft and knows in his heart he has done his best, then something good will happen,” Guy Adamec, creator of the Cool Clay exhibit. | Full story | View highlights from the exhibit

Far Out by James Douglas Draper '69

James Douglas Draper ‘69 unveiled his latest creative watercolor exhibit at the Humanities Art Center on May 15, 2015. Draper graduated from Kettering University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He worked for General Motors until he retired in the early 2000s after which he began experimenting with his own painting technique. | View highlights from the collection.  

Genesis: The Origins of an Idea by Michael Dunbar

An artist’s creative process is often a personal journey that is hidden from the public until the finished product can be produced. The origins of their ideas are unknown to all but the artists themselves and we are left to wonder what sparked such ingenuity. Kettering’s Humanities Art Center asked Dunbar for access to the posters, 3-D sketches and miniature bronze sculptures which show the genesis of his artistic vision for his Machinist Series, which culminated in the Orbits of Isaac which now rests at the entrance to the Campus Center. | Full story 

Straight Lines: The At of Draftsmanship by Christopher Watson and Matt Malott

This exhibit featured  selected pieces from Matthew Malott ‘00 and Christopher Watson Malott, an environmental engineer with Delphi, received a master’s degree in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University. Malott’s primary media include pencil (graphite) and watercolor. His subjects are precisely drawn from nature and natural settings with hard edge lines seen throughout his artwork. They range from beautiful settings on Mackinac Island and Lake Superior to the intricate detail of the Great Lakes Tall Ships or Detroit and Chicago cityscapes. | Full story


The Humanities Art Center is located on the 4th Floor of the Academic Building and is open to the Kettering community and public visitors. 

To schedule a visit to the Humanities Art Center, contact:
Regina Schreck
Art Center Curator
(810) 762-7828