SEEK: Success through Early Enrollment at Kettering

Unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions. Kettering University is offering our incoming admitted students an opportunity to get a jump on their education by taking virtual Early Enrollment courses before arriving on campus.

Our Spring 2020 Early Enrollment options include four university-level courses that can be applied to your major, minor, concentration, or as electives. Courses will be delivered entirely online from April 13 to June 19. Each course will be taught by qualified Kettering University professors and instructors.

Participation is limited to incoming 2020 - 2021 undergraduate freshmen and transfer students, both domestic and international. Please read the FAQs on this page for more detailed information.

Students may enroll in up to two (2) Early Enrollment courses, subject to availability. All newly admitted students are eligible for a scholarship that will cover the cost of tuition for these select classes.

Registration for SEEK is now closed.


Spring 2020 Early Enrollment courses are available to all students admitted to Kettering University for the 2020 - 2021 academic year. You do not need to submit an enrollment deposit to take a SEEK course.

Yes! All students participating in the SEEK program will be held to the same standards as all Kettering University students. This includes academic policies and access to university support services. The courses you take could apply to your degree program upon matriculation.

This will give you an opportunity to get a feel for academics at Kettering, engage in our Blackboard learning management system (which you’ll use for other courses), get a course or two completed, and get acquainted with other incoming students.

Yes. These courses will count toward your overall Kettering GPA. Therefore, it is very important that you remain engaged and work with the Academic Success Center to help you navigate any issues. These courses are graded on a 4.0 grading scale and you will receive Kettering credit upon completion.

A good rule of thumb is between 3-5 hours per credit hour. For a 4-credit course, expect 12-20 hours per week. This may vary based on professor and course.

We recommend that you keep in mind the weekly time commitment to complete the coursework. You may enroll in up to two (2) Early Enrollment courses for the Spring 2020 term. When you indicate your interest, you will be asked to rank your choices. Which course(s) you are enrolled in will depend on the availability of that course based on how many students apply.

Request and rank your course preferences using the interest link on this page. Once you have submitted your request, regularly check both your personal and Kettering email accounts. You will be contacted by an Academic Advisor to confirm your course selection, based on availability of courses.

For incoming admitted students in 2020, tuition for the Early Enrollment courses is provided to you at no cost. The normal price for a single course at Kettering University is $5920 for a 4-credit course. Kettering University is providing a scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for SEEK courses. Once registered and confirmed for your course(s), you will receive a statement that shows the total tuition and a Kettering University scholarship which covers the cost of tuition. Your only expense will be for books and course materials and will vary depending on the course. As with all our programs, there are no additional fees. You will need a computer with access to high-speed internet, including a functioning webcam and microphone. Any required software will be cloud-based, so you will not need to buy it.

No. We are currently in the 2019-2020 academic year, so this will not impact future financial aid.

The course is delivered entirely online, with weekly assignments. You will be responsible to complete assignments and discussion board interaction with other students, but you can log in at the time of your choosing in order to complete the work. Even if/when you return to high school, you will still be able to complete the course.

When circumstances occur whereby a student feels that completion of a course is not possible or in the student’s best interest, the student may withdraw from the course no later than May 24, 2020 (for the Spring 2020 academic term) and receive a non-punitive grade of W (withdrawn). After May 24, the student is not allowed to withdraw from the course and is committed to receiving a Kettering letter grade, which may include a grade of FN (failure for non-attendance). Retroactive withdrawals are not allowed.

No, because this is Early Enrollment, not Dual Enrollment. Basically you are taking a college course for college credit, not high school credit.

Our hope is that you will decide to remain at Kettering University. If, however, you choose to attend elsewhere, it will be up to that college or university to determine if a specific course will transfer. The course will always remain in your record at Kettering University no matter where you choose to attend.

Students needing accommodations, such as extended test time, readers/scribes or other accommodations must contact the Kettering University Wellness Center to obtain proper ADA documentation prior to the start of the term.

For international students residing outside of the United States

  • U.S. immigration policy does not govern online delivery to students outside of the United States. We look forward to your participation!

For international students residing in the United States

  • Please consult with your school's international advisor prior to participating in SEEK.  
  • Kettering University is a SEVP certified school.