COVID-19 Response Team

Laura Allen, Director of Office of International Programs

Tom Ayers, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Melanie Bass, Director of Communications

Alexandra Broom, Senior III ME, Kettering Student Government President

Paul Crane, Director of Campus Safety

Kip Darcy, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Susan Davies, Vice President for University Advancement and External Relations

Camilla Kemp, Director of Human Resources

Dr. L.B. McCune, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Dr. Robert K. McMahan, University President (chair)

Bob Nichols, Director, FIRST Robotics Community Center

Cristina Reed, Director of the Wellness Center

Don Rockwell, University Counsel

Viola Sprague, Vice President for Instructional, Administrative & Information Technology

Nadine Thor, Director of Auxiliary Services

Christine Wallace, Vice President for Kettering Global Campus

Evelyn Yaeger, Executive Assistant to the President

Dr. Mehrdad Zadeh, Associate Professor and Moderator of Faculty Senate 2020-2021

Dr. James Zhang, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost


Updates on Kettering University and COVID-19 will be posted here and on official University social media accounts.