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Rodes Professorship Recipients

Rodes Professorship Recipents

The Rodes Professorship is an honor conferred upon a Kettering faculty member in recognition of scholarly achievement. It provides an opportunity for the continued development of the individual and carries with it a responsibility for sharing significant accomplishments. The Rodes Professorship is awarded every year and the title is conferred for a period of two years. More detailed information can be found in the Funding Opportunities section.  Below is a list of past award recipients.

2015    Farnaz Ghazi-Nezami & Terri Lynch-Caris
2014    Kevin (Hua) Bai
2013    Mary Gilliam & Susan Farhat
2012    Prem Vaishnava
2011    Leszek Gawarecki
2010    S. Chakravarthy
2009    Matthew Sanders
2008    Ilya Kudish
2007    Dan Russell
2006    Janet Brelin-Fornari & Massoud Tavakoli
2005    Peter Stanchev
2004    Mark Palmer
2003    Stacey Seeley
2002    Jeffrey Hargrove
2001    Jacqueline El-Sayed & Lucy King
2000    Pat Atkinson
1999    Homayun Navaz
1998    Sandra Doty, Cynthia Finelli, & Kathryn Svinarich
1997    Winston Erevelles
1996    Etim Ubong
1995    Jawaharlal Mariappan
1994    Lucy Siu-Bik King
1993    Massoud Tavakoli
1992    Andrew Powell
1991    William Webster
1990    B. Lee Tuttle
1989    Daryl Doyle
1988    William Riffe
1987    David Parker
1986    Mohammad Torfeh
1985    Charles White
1984    David Bertolotti
1983    James Luxon
1980    Norman Roobol
1979    Stewart Tubbs
1978    James Huffman
1977    John Mariotti
1976    James Throop