What is Pre-Award?

Pre-Award refers to all of the phases of your project prior to award, starting with the idea and ending with the submission of a sponsored contract or grant proposal.  The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is required to review, negotiate, and approve all sponsored projects prior to proposal submission.  During the pre-award phase, the OSR provides the following support:

  • Works individually with submitting faculty members to ensure all application efforts are well coordinated and deadlines can be met.
  • Provides assistance with the planning and completion of the research budget.
  • Ensures that submissions comply with funding gency guidelines and institutional policies of Kettering University
  • Provides assistance with the completion of the application forms
  • Submits all proposals

For assistance, please contact Pre-Award Contract and Grant Specialist, Jill Williams, at jwilliam@kettering.edu or (810) 762-9677.