Kettering University’s Master of Business Administration program provides students with an educational experience that enables graduates to perform as effective management professionals and leaders in world’s most dynamic organizations.

A Master of Business Administration program is also available Online.


By blending engineering, technology and business acumen our MBA program creates leaders that facilitate the development and marketing of complex services and solutions. The core curriculum provides you with a real-world preparation for the global economy, but a Kettering MBA offers much more — especially for those interested in pursuing careers within the industrial, manufacturing or health care fields. In this manner, you can select technical courses with contemporary curricula including Data Analytics and Big Data, Advanced Mobility, New Energy and Sustainability, Materials Science and Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, Systems Engineering, and Logistics/Supply Chain Management.

Kettering University enables you to customize the MBA program to meet your goals by selecting one of many unique concentrations — or by creating your own through the general concentrations.


  • General MBA
  • Global Leadership
  • Supply Chain and ERP
  • Operations Management
  • Healthcare Management


  • Graduating students will have an integrated knowledge of and demonstrated ability to perform as management professionals.
  • Students will be prepared for continued learning throughout their career.
  • Students gain the positive perspectives and skills that create productive managerial leaders.


The MBA curriculum consists of 10 courses (40 credit hours) which includes seven core courses plus three elective courses from your concentration area. An additional intensive foundations course may be required as a prerequisite depending upon your undergraduate coursework, which will be evaluated at the time of your application.

You have the choice of MBA concentrations which consists of three classes (12 credit hours), that allow you to customize your MBA to suit your professional needs. You may start the MBA during any of our four 11-week terms. There is no thesis requirement for the Kettering MBA program.