Honors Program

The Kettering University Honors Program builds on our unique educational philosophy to deliver a flexible learning path for the accomplished and adventurous. This pilot program will combine an adaptive curriculum with substantive research opportunities.

Program Benefits

  • The heart of the Honors Program is comprised of concentrated and multidisciplinary classes and electives, customized to meet student needs, and culminates in a research or project-based undergraduate thesis
  • Additional annually-renewable $3,000 scholarships awarded exclusively to Honors Program students
  • First-year paid Undergraduate Faculty-sponsored Research Assistant positions
  • Dedicated Honors Program Faculty Advisors who will coach students both academically and professionally
  • Priority engagement with dedicated Honors Program Co-op Managers
  • Honors sections for select core courses
  • All classes will be taught by faculty - not graduate assistants or teaching assistants
  • Opportunities for publication in academic and professional journals in collaboration with faculty
  • Award ceremony and Honors designation at Commencement

Program Entry Requirements

  • Application and acceptance to Kettering University
  • Invitation to the Honors Program from the Provost
  • To participate in the Honors Program, email a statement of intent to Scott Travis at stravis@kettering.edu

Program Requirements

All Kettering University honors students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 161 credit hours
  • Earn a minimum of 15 credits per academic term, with possible exceptions senior year

Joining the Program

By Invitation Only

Upon acceptance to Kettering University, select students are invited to apply for the Honors Program by the Provost.

After receiving the Provost's invitation, students who wish to pursue this opportunity will be asked to submit a statement of interest explaining why he or she is a great fit for the Kettering University Honors Program.



Emma, Sophomore

Mechanical Engineering

"I find that when I meet with professors one-on-one to ask them questions about my Honors work, I not only learn more about the subject matter at hand, but also about my professors as people."

Olivia, Freshman

Electrical Engineering

"The Honors Program's extra projects have driven me to pursue topics that I otherwise would not have investigated."

Cameron, Sophomore

Mechanical Engineering

"It feels good to interact with faculty and being in the Honors Program gives me an opportunity to get extra 'coaching' from them."